1. Should Engineers and Architects be hired for construction of any home ?

    Hiring an Engineer or Architect is not essential to building your own home, However it is recommended to hire Engineers, they evaluates correct technical parameters and Architect. They develops beautiful blueprints of home plans and sections. Typically, the costs of hiring these services for your home runs from Five to Fifteen percent of building cost. By hiring these experts you may not only get robust and certified design but also save money as they will control wastage and moniter budgets However you may get free assistance by many online websites. If you need, we can also provide you this service through our Engineers and Architects

  2. Should I Become a Member of www.Allcost.in?

    Yes. It's free, useful on every step of your home construction/ buying building material and you have no ongoing obligations. Use it as a resource at any time but please also contribute and help by providing us your valuable feedback through e mail or phone call

  3. How to start calculating cost at Allcost.in

    All what you need is Area, number of floor/ Basement and quality of home you want to make

  4. How to get exact cost of my dream home

    You should have Drawings and design made by professional Engineers or Architects, in case you don't have, please mail/ call us, we will give you one stop solutions (Paid service).

  5. What will be advantages of using Allcost.in or becoming members of the Allcost.in

    Allcost.in works on single window concept, i.e. we provide all solutions that you need to make a house, starting from Expenditure calculation, Budgetory control, providing Engineers and Architects, contractors, help in material selection etc

  6. How to reach to www.Allcost.in or need help or call us

    There are many ways:

  7. What are the points, one should pay attention to while awarding the contracts for house construction?

    Whatever the type of contract, one needs to pay close attention to the following aspects:

    • Type of materials
    • Quality of work
    • Advance payment, if any
    • Progress & time schedule
    • Future measurement & payment conditions
    • Most important is reputation and past record of Consultant/ Engineer/ Contractor /Company

  8. What are carpet area, built-up area & super built-up area?

    Carpet Area: This is the area of the apartment/building, which does not include the area covered by the walls. Built up Area: The carpet area plus the area of the walls. Super Built up Area: This includes the built up area along with the area under common spaces such as the lobby, lifts, stairs, etc.

  9. What are the things one should keep in mind before finalizing a land deal?

    Some points which one must pay attention to prior to land deal:

    • House plot should not be under any acquisition proceedings of any government bodies
    • Verify from the planning authorities whether the land was designated for residential use.
    • The survey number of land is critical.
    • Certificate obtained from registrar's office should confirm that there is no encumbrance on the property
    • The title deed of the land should be clear and an advocate should be consulted for this.
    • Verify the rates after contacting some property consultants and some people who have purchased their plots recently. You should also refer guidelines and the market rates published in the government manual of your city/town.
    • Stamp duty at the time of registration is mandatory.

  10. What are the important considerations before selecting a piece of land?

    While selecting the land one should give importance to following issues:

    • Required size of plot and construction area
    • Existing rates area wise.
    • Distances from Railway Station, Bus Stand and Air Port.
    • Distance from your work place.
    • Distances from hospital and medical clinics.
    • Available infrastructure like water supply, drainage, road etc

  11. I am a Contractor /Engineer/ Interior Designer / Architect / Material Supplier - How can I use www.allcost.in?

    You can use all available facilities on portal, further you may enhance your business as well, to know more pleas visit www.allcost.in fill and submit vendor registration form and we will get back to you with detailed proposal

  12. What will be advantages of hiring Allcost.in as total solution provider or Consultant including Architectal and Engineering service

    Allcost.in gives detailed Architectual & Enginering services. Following standard elements will be catered in most of our service packages:

    This artist's sketch of the exterior of the house gives you an idea of how the house will look when built and landscaped. Enginer will make sure that design are robust enough and technically acceptable
    This will explain foundation layout including concrete walls, footings, pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, and foundation notes. If the home features a basement, the first-floor framing details may also be included on this plan. If your plan features slab construction rather than a basement, the plan shows footings and details for a monolithic slab. This page, or another in the set, may include a sample plot plan for locating your house on a building site. Additional sheets focus on foundation cross-sections and other details.
    These plans show the layout of each floor of the house. Rooms and interior spaces are carefully dimensioned, doors and windows located, and keys are given for cross-section details provided elsewhere in the plans.
    Large-scale views will show sections or cutaways of the foundation, interior walls, exterior walls, floors, stairways, and roof details. Additional cross-sections may show important changes in floor, ceiling, or roof heights, or the relationship of one level to another. These sections show exactly how the various parts of the house fit together and are extremely valuable during construction. Additional sheets may include enlarged wall, floor and roof construction details. Apart from all above things we will share material required for the same
    The floor framing plans provide detail for these crucial elements of your home. Each includes floor joist, ceiling joist, spacing, direction, span, and specifications. Beam and window headers, along with necessary details for framing connections, stairways, or dormers are also included. We will also provide option for all type of flooring i.e. Indian and Italian Marble, Tiles, Vinyl Flooring etc. You may choose one out of Thousand types of option available
    The electrical plan offers suggested locations with notes for all lighting, outlets, switches, and circuits. A layout is provided for each level, as well as basements, garages, or other structures. This plan also contain diagrams detailing how all wiring should be run, or how circuits should be engineered. These details will be designed by our Electrical Engineer. Our Engineer will understand your customized needs and accordingly suggest Wiring, Electrical Switches, plumbing material and other related accessories
    Our Architects will give you blue prints of front exterior, your document set will include drawings/ notes on exterior materials and finishes of the rear and sides of your dream house as well. Our consultants and experts will guide and help you to choose correct, cost effective and beautiful material out of available Hundreds options, i.e. Emulsions, Plastic Paints, Snowcem etc .